The Bug

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kenley has passed the stomach bug onto me. Yesterday evening I couldn't even drink a sip of water without throwing up so we are not doing well at all. We went to the urgent care on base this morning and we were told that we both have the stomach flu.

What I am most worried about though is Kenley weighted in at 11 lbs 14.1 ounces. This is not good at all because at her last doctors appointment on December 10th she weighed 11 lbs 12.4 ounces. So please be praying for her that she would recover from this stomach bug and then begin to breastfeed more again so that she can gain weight. I would really hate to have to put her on formula now that we finally got the hang of breastfeeding.

I totally understand why Kenley just wanted to be held by her mommy the past few days because honestly I just want to be held by my mommy until this thing passes.

Okay back to bed!


Christy said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Is there anything I can get for you? Anything you guys need?

PLEASE let me know!

KMom said...

Oh my! You don't know how much I wish I was there to help! I would make you egg souffle and a new soup Kimbe and I have now. (look for a box soon) You were always such a cuddler even when you weren't sick. I just wish I could rock Kenley right now! (and you :) So weird though, you never got sick much growing up. I hope it passes soon and drink lots of water :)X O X O

Kimberly Hiegel said...

This makes me sad.
I should be there taking care of my sister and my little Kenley girl :(
Love you!
Praying for you :)

Maryn said...

I will be praying for the weight issue. I know that is one on my heart as well.