1 month old!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I can't believe our baby is a month old already! She is doing great!
Last night she slept in her crib the whole night!i am loving the new
video monitor. We put her to bed around eleven and then she woke up to
eat at four fifty! Yay for a good nights sleep! We have a doctors
appointment tomorrow so we will see how much weight she has gained then.

I am almost all healed up too. I am back down to my pre-pregnancy
weight, too bad I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy body yet :)

So basically everything is going great!


Susan Navas said...

Ya know, I liked you a lot up until this post, Keri. Your baby is 1 month and you're down to your pre-pregnancy weight? Grrrrr.

Okay, okay, I do still like you!I'm glad you're feeling better every day and that Kenley is doing great too. You're a great mom!!

Amy said...

NO WAY. Why didn't I realize it's already been a month! My goodness! She's adorable!

Terri Ronk said...

Kenley is a month old today. I sent you a text "singing" happy one month birthday!! :-)

I just have to add this in case Jenny or Maryn read this: Ben Fredrick and his wife of 3 months were at church this morning. They are stationed at Oak Harbor. When I told him we just got back from "Cherry Point" we started naming friends of yours and low and behold.....you all know each other. Keri and Brian, you have great friends......AND you make beautiful babies! Love you!

Jenny said...

Happy 1 month Birthday Kenley! Keri I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. Kenley is precious as ever and back to your pre pregnancy weight?? That is incredible. We still miss you all terribly, but are doing pretty good in VA.
Also, that is so crazy about Ben Fredrick, small world, small Marine Corps :)

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Kenley!!!

Maryn said...

So precious. Love the little sign next to her. Like she is exclaiming it to the world!

It is a small world Terri! They are a very sweet couple. Hope they are doing well.