Thank you LORD!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Sunday, to church, I wore my Diamond Heart necklace that Brian got me when I had my appendix out. When we got home from church I realized that I had lost a diamond. :( It wasn't really too big of a deal because it was one of the teeny ones so we thought it would for sure be under $100 dollars to fix.

On Tuesday I went to The Cow Cafe and The Accidental Artist with Lauren and Lily Kate to have a make-up birthday lunch for Lily Kate. After hanging out with them I went to Mikes Downtown Jewelers to have them look at the necklace and tell me how much it would cost to replace. Thankfully, it will only cost $35 dollars to replace so I was excited about that because we could afford to do it right away!
While I was there I asked them to clean my rings because I love when they are all sparkly and free of spit up and everything else that accumulates on my rings :). When she brought my rings back she said that I couldn't take my wedding band with me because 4 of my diamonds were loose!!! Yikes!!! She took some tweezers and was showing me how wiggly they were! She said that they would have fallen out soon!
I am so thankful how the LORD worked everything out so that we only have to pay $35 dollars to get my necklace and rings fixed rather than having to pay a lot more to have 4 of the diamonds in my ring replaced! Praise the LORD!

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Joy said...

okay, it took me the longest time trying to figure out what your rings were sitting on in the first picture. then i realized it was little baby belly! very cute.